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How do you get rid of a bruise – The most important rule

How do you get rid of a bruise? How fast can you get rid of it? I can help you by answering those questions and by giving you advice so that you will even be able to know how to get rid of bruises in 24 hours. Do not worry, I will make it fast.
Now, there are a few essential things you should know. First of all, there is the fact that bruises appear when a part of your body bumps into a hard object and although the hit is not very dangerous to your health, the hit area on your skin gets colored: it could either be blue, green, purple, black.. and so on. And second, although bruises are not life threatening, if the pain you feel is unbearable and especially if the bruise is located in an area that affects your basic senses and needs: eating, seeing, hearing, smelling and so on, you should definitely go see a doctor, because he might be able to help you.
Before answering to ‘’how do you get rid of a bruise?’’, I will tell you about how you will NOT get rid of it. Keep in mind that pain killers are not good for you, especially if you want to get rid of your bruise as fast as possible, since they make you extremely sleepy, but not only that, because the damaged area will get even a darker color. Long story short, pain killers make your bruises worse!

how to get rid of bruises

Now, how to get rid of a bruise fast, you ask? There are some basic things you should do. Instead of trying every kind of pills, oils and creams and eventually spend all your money on them, you can use things that you can easily find at home and voila! you are as good as new.

How do you know if it is a fresh bruise or just a spot?

There is a big chance that your fresh bruise is actually red. It might be just a spot that you normally would not pay much attention to. After that, the spot may turn blue or green, purple or even black. Such a contusion is usually tender and even painful for the first days. The discomfort usually disappears as the color slowly fades.
As you may already know, when the bruise finally starts to recover, even the darkest shades turn into green and then yellow. If your bruise was originally black, it might take a while to help it recover, but do not worry, with the right treatment, you can make the pain go away and the color to fade in no time at all!

The most important thing to know on how to get rid of bruises in 24 hours!

This is just an example, but it is a very good one. If you happen to have any kind of cream, oil or liquid that usually helps diminish physical pain, use it. Aloe Vera Gel is known to be one of the best methods of treating bruises or physical pain in general.

When applying the product on the damaged area, make sure you do it by putting it on the upper area, and not the under one. It is said that when doing this, it hurts less and it gets the bruise to heal faster. The most important part, though, is not necessarily the product you use, but what you do after applying it. That is massage. If you massage the area, you will be able to notice that after a while, the color of the bruise starts to fade away.
This is the main thing you should know about how to get rid of a bruise fast and the most important, because not matter what products you use on the bruise, massaging the area is the most efficient thing, and by adding a product you just make the process faster.

Try to prevent bruises! Tips

First of all, if you notice that you get bruises frequently, maybe you should consider the fact that you might just be too sensitive (I mean, your skin might be). You should see a doctor and maybe get some tests done. Your health matters and this might be a sign that you have anemia.
Second, when you play sports, you should use safety arm and knee pads and avoid getting bruises or injuries. Also, keep your floors dry and especially free of clutter.
The rest is up to you, I guess. There are several things that you can do in order to prevent getting bruises and injuries, but I bet you can think about them as well.
But if you do “manage” to get a new bruise, promptly apply an ice pack on the affected area in order to stop the bruise from getting a noticeable color, get the pain to stop and even minimize a possible swelling.